Frequently Asked Questions

At The Piper we operate a challenge 25 policy, meaning that anyone that appears to be under the age of 25 will be asked to provide proof of age to gain entry into the club.

If you do get asked for proof of age, please do not be offended.

Under instruction from Humberside Police, we at The Piper will only accept the two following forms of identification, Driving license and Passport.

Please note that these forms of identification must be in date, valid and can not be a copy.

Please note The Piper operate an identification seizure policy whereby any false identification, or where a person uses someones else identification to try and gain entry, the ID will be confiscated by the club.

If this does occur, under guidlines set out by Humberside Police, the original holder of the ID has seven days to collect their ID, before it is sent back to the relevant Government department.

Misuse of ID is a serious issue and one which can result in prosecution.

Dress code is a very difficult rule to set, hence we try to keep it as simple as possible. The Piper strives to provide you with a quality venue and in turn expects effort in terms of conduct and presentation from our guests. Rude, vulgar or unduly casual clothing are prohibited.

We advise our customers arrive smartly dressed and keep it stylish.

The clubs management reserve the right to refuse admission, if you are old enough, look the part and act in the right way then you will be welcome in the club.

We operate a random search procedure on customers entering the building, please do not be offended if you are asked to be searched, this is for your and the rest of the customers safety.

Depending on information from the police, the nature of the event or current national security threat we often operate metal detection on arrival to the club, when this is in operation all customers will be subject to this procedure.

All bags (handbags, rucks sacks etc) on entry to the club will be subject to a quick visual search.

We operate a zero tolerance policy on drugs, in instances where drugs are found customers will be detained and the matter will be reported to Humberside Police.

If you have left an item in our cloakroom or have lost an item whilst in the venue the best way to contact us is through Facebook private message (‘The Piper’) your query will be dealt with as soon as possible.


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